We work to enable young Africans innovate medical and energy devices to solve local problems through Advancing Engineering Education, Entrepreneurship Skill Development, and Partnering with Industry.

Advancing Engineering Education

SCIFRO sets up local students for success with hands-on science and engineering teaching kits, crafting lesson plans and more.

Entrepreneurship Skill Development

SCIFRO provides workshops to enhance entrepreneurial spirit and support translation of engineering projects to market.

Partnering with Industry

SIFRO enables students transition to the work force and/or advance their entrepreneurial ventures to manufacturing by fostering partnership with local industry allies.


Africans for Africa: Empowering students in Africa to solve local problems through scientific research and innovation.


SciFro Inc. is incorporated as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization (Federal EIN: 85-0555431) and welcomes donations from individuals by clicking the Donate button.

  • Dec. 2017

    Iwnetim Abate and Loza Tadesse conceived the concept and vision of SCIFRO and started with a pilot school at University of Gondar. They were accepted with enthusiasm from students and faculty. They collected valuable feedback from participants. They also gave lectures at Addis Ababa Science and Technology University (AASTU) and created collaboration.

  • Apr. 2019

  • Jun 2019

    The second pilot of the summer school took place in Addis Ababa at AASTU with 50 students and 13 instructors from North America. The official name SCIFRO and its logo were conceived at this time. SCIFRO created local collaboration with Addis Ababa University for future ventures.

  • Oct. 2019

    Iwnetim Abate and Loza Tadesse attended Gates Grand Challenge annual meeting representing SCIFRO

  • Nov. 2019

    Iwnetim Abate, Loza Tadesse and Manu Prakash held a workshop at Addis Ababa University for 80 students and instructors. This marked the official start of the foldscope initiative in Ethiopia. We followed up on the eight students we were mentoring one on one and two of our students started research with professors at Addis Ababa University.

  • Mar. 2020

    SciFro became a non profit(501(c)(3)) organization

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