What We Do

We work together with institutions in Africa to enable African high school and college students to innovate affordable technologies that solve local problems in areas of health and energy.

  • Design and fabricate teaching kits for affordable medical devices and energy solutions that consider local context
  • Organize impressive boot camps for high school, college students and teachers
  • Work with schools and ministry of education to incorporate the teaching kits with local pedagogy
  • Provide platform for the interaction between scientist and educators in diaspora with local students and teachers

Developing engineering kits

Developing engineering kits

Hosting Bootcamps

Hosting Bootcamps


Core curriculum and Focus Areas

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Chibueze Amanchukwu

University of Chicago

Dr Meron Tesfaye

California Council on Science and Technology
Chemist Postdoctoral Fellow
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Material Science and Engineering

Iwnetim Abate

PhD Candidate
Department of Material Science and Engineering
Stanford University and SLAC National Laboratory

Peter Attia

Battery Scientist

Philipp Muscher

PhD Candidate
Stanford University

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Zelalem Worku

PhD Candidate
Department of Aerospace Studies
University of Toronto

Tsegab Mengistie

PhD Candidate
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Minnesota

Core curriculum: Design thinking, Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Dr. Kimmy Wu

KICP Fellow
University of Chicago.

Dr Kassahun Betre

Department of Physics
Pepperdine University

Computer Science

Dr. Kommy Weldemariam

Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM
Adjunct Professor at Queens College

Dr. Jelani Nelson

Computer Science
University of California Berkeley

Biomedical Engineering

Loza Tadesse

PhD Candidate
Department of Bioengineering
Stanford University



African students have 8% Tertiary Education Enrollment Rate

Students are usually nationally assigned to college disciplines based on test scores, which often creates interest mismatch.

Particularly science student’s passion start to fade as they become aware of the lack of platforms and information for pursuing a career in science.

Completed Pilot Projects

Organized two summer school session sessions and one workshop.

University of Gondar Dec. 2018
Reached 30 students
Involved 3 instructors

Addis Ababa Science and Technology University Jun. 2019
Reached 50 students
Involved 13 instructors

Nov. 2019,
Reached 80 students,
Involved 3 instructors

We work to enable young Africans to solve local problems through Advancing Engineering Education, Entrepreneurship Skill Development, and Partnering with Industry.

Advancing Engineering Education

SCIFRO sets up local students for success with hands-on science and engineering teaching kits, crafting lesson plans and more.

Entrepreneurship Skill Development

SCIFRO provides workshops to enhance entrepreneurial spirit and support translation of engineering projects to market.

Partnering with Industry

SIFRO enables students transition to the work force and/or advance their entrepreneurial ventures to manufacturing by fostering partnership with local industry allies.

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